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We are a one-stop-alteration expert!

Bag Cleaning & Repair

Do you have a broken buckle, missing stud/feet on your purse or a zipper that just won’t zip? Well we can repair or replace your buckles and zippers and get your handbag back in order and ready to serve you again. Our Sapatero do wonders with buckle and zipper repairs.

Shoe Repair

Our priority is to ensure that our customers remain happy with our service. Our “Sapatero” will give his complete attention to each and every detail. Whether it is footwear repairs or bag repair, you can trust us to get the job done.

Dry Cleaning

Doubtful to trust any Dry Cleaner? Alterations Plus is well-equipped with the most exquisite dry cleaning job you have on hand. Drop off your garments at selected Alterations Plus branch today.

Made to Order

We are accepting any kind of Custom-Made Clothes that fits your budget. We can do it the way you want it.