Company History

As our community continues to progress into the future, ready-to-wear clothing has become increasingly more important as a basic necessity in our lives. Couture clothing is now a thing of the past because let’s face it who has the time, patience and opulence to have their clothes handmade? But on the other hand, who would want their clothing to be ill fitting, utilitarian and designed for the masses?

By 2000, Maria Lucia “Lucille” Carlos alongside her business partners had already established uniform manufacturing company. Having been part of the manufacturing side, she had the brilliant idea to strike the perfect balance between the couture craftsmanship of the past and the mass-production of the future. It is from this idea that “Alterations Plus” had come about. With this shop, she attempts to outfit each individual with the right fit for their body type using the clothing they already own solely through altering.

In this decade alone, “Alterations Plus” has revolutionized the clothing industry.

Adding a new layer of individuality to an otherwise standardized world. It has become a one-stop shop for all your clothing needs providing professional alterations, repairs and exemplary service. It is now the standard by which others are measured.

Combining her already reputable garment manufacturing business, which possesses many specialized machinery and tools, with her boutique-style alterations services, the shop provides services that simply cannot be supplied at other places such as neighborhood seamstresses and tailors. Alterations Plus has even begun to adapt procedures, especially in hemming, that is not regularly seen at other places in the Philippines.

Alterations Plus has grown to 25 branches in Metro Manila and beyond the metropolis.