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We are Alterations Plus Ph. your premiere all-in-one alteration service provider.

Alterations Plus

We are Alterations Plus Ph. Your premiere all-in-one alteration service provider.

Alterations Plus is a professional alteration service that can alter or sew any clothing and fabrics of your choice. We do it all, from a pair of jeans to bridal gowns, from remodeling a dress shirt to building a home. Services include Alteration, Replace Zippers New Patterns Replace Buttons Replace Elastic Minor Sewing Replace Hem Replace Seams Replace Collars Tailoring and much much more.

We are Alterations Plus Ph. Your premiere all-in-one alteration service provider.

Alterations Plus specializes in repair and alterations of clothes and other garments. From simple shortening of length to extensive adjustments involving the body, waist, shoulders, and sleeves; fixing of hemlines and button holes, we already evolved to offer a variety of services.


We at Alterations Plus is steadfast and proud in delivering the best alterations services to the best-known individuals and high class personalities in Metro Society.

We are meticulous in detail, we have mastery in our set crafts.
Our experience are overlocked together with handmade skills and the advantage of our specialized
machines. Features that only Alteration Plus PH can provide; thereby enabling us to deliver quality and longevity to every creative pieces entrusted to us.


By and large, we have perfected 20 years of alteration and garment manufacturing excellence. Our class leading alteration services, started in the year 2000, by one of the pillar in the garment industry, Ma. Lucia J. Carlos, her expertise and in depth skills, formed the success of what is Alterations Plus Ph. today, redefining the garment alterations services industry and have gracefully transformed the business to a fusion of fine craft service provider; with not just in garment alterations and customization, but also specializing in Bag Cleaning and Leather Craft repairs and restoration.


We Offer Alteration and Made to Order Services